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Sony Android TV - Sony Bravia TV Guide, TV Reviews, Asian TV, Samsung Smart TV Apps, Sony TV Apps

With fast changing TV technology, it is now time to make informed TV choice that suits best to our needs. Here is a TV guide with TV reviews, most popular app reviews, various TV comparison videos and selection of best smart tv apps that should downloaded on your android or smart tv. 

Make use of the the enormous collection of informative tech videos on  that will make your life much easier with your Television be it Android TV, Smart Tv or any simple LED Television. Be it any Television brand like Sony Bravia, Samsung, Philips, LG. 

We specialize in TV Apps for Android Televisions or any Smart Television and have a list of must have apps on your TV. Find Detailed review videos on Sony Bravia Android 4k TV, Best Apps for Android Smart TVs and detailed reviews of individual TV apps.

Sony Android TV on YouTube 


Find best setting for your television, Pros and Cons of Android TV vs Smart TV, how to download any app on your television.

Android Smart TV - TV Guide | TV Comparison | 4K TV Reviews

Best setting for your smart television in 2020 for best performance. Dos and Don't for your TV to get the best experience from your television. Be it Samsung Tv , Sony Bravia TV, LG or Panasonic - These thumb rules apply to all television brands. 4K TV live reviews and demo with TV Guide and best settings.

TV best practices should be followed for better performance and longer life. Smart TV Apps, App installation, download , delete should be managed properly.

If you have just bought a brand new Sony Bravia TV then this video is for you. How to build a new smart tv from scratch, what steps need to be followed, how to sync android phone or tablet with tv for ease of use etc are covered with review and demonstration. Common Television issues like BBC iPlayer keeps buffering issue, TV frozen or goes black screen.

This video series is a must watch to clarify your doubts regarding what Sony Android smart 4k UHD HDR tv is and how is it better that any other smart television in the market. Comparison with Samsung smart TV or Lg Android Smart TV with detailed explanation on key features.

Pros and cons of each television brand has been done. How Sony TV is better than Samsung smart tv or what smart features makes it different to to Lg Smart TV have been explained.

Sony TV Apps - Android TV Apps |  Smart TV Apps | Apps Review UK | Sony Bravia Smart TV Apps

Since Android TV has come out and it’s been slowly maturing as a platform. It has more 4k TV apps and games available for it than ever before. There could be more hardware available, but we’re sure that’s coming sooner or later. If you have an Android TV device and you’re looking to get the best experience, then check out the best Sony Bravia Android TV apps! Also, most Android Smart TV apps have a Chrome cast built-in. That means any app with Chromecast support can be used on most Android TV devices!

What apps should you definitely have on your smart television. How to download apps on your Sony Bravia Android TV, Sony Bravia Smart 4k TV, Samsung Smart TV , LG TV and any other TV brand. How to install apps on your Tv and manage them once installed. If you have a smart hub on Samsung Smart TV or Google play store follow the steps to get the app after searching on your TV.

Most popular Android Smart TV apps reviews in UK being Kodi for Smart TV, YouTube Kids, Netflix, Youview, BBC iPlayer, BBC News keeps buffering, YuppTV for Sony Bravia Smart TV, Ex File Explorer, Google Chrome, VLC Player for TV, Opera Web Browser for TV, YouTube, Facebook for TV and many more.

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