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Apr 18

Sponsored posts in Android TV Launcher?


Edited: Apr 19

Recently I was happened to see few ads on my android tv. It's very much disturbing while watching movie or any video. There is no privacy even at your comfort of the home and this should not be encouraged. whats your views on this?


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  • I download apps from the play store and it says the app will be downloaded shortly however it never does. The last app I tried was Airscreen yesterday. My Sony model number is K65X8500D Thanks in advance
  • Following the association of my Google account on this TV I did not get My Apps and I cannot install any of my Google Apps from my Android account, such as productivity apps (Office, Adobe, Banking, Yahoo Maial, Unicredit, PayPal, Winnbank, Skype, HP Smart, RAR gDmss, etc.), purchasing (Ebay, Emag, Bangood, Gearbest, OLX, etc.) as well as many others that I cannot mention because they are too many. In fact, besides NETFLIX, I cannot install any other app that I need. I wanted to return the TV and they told me that the TV is working. Yaaaa, technically speaking the TV works but I paid for an Android TV and this Tv gives no Android acces for Romania. I have paid a LOT of money for it exactly for Android Apps and now I can have a lot less than on a Smart TV which costs a LOT less. Best regards, Eugen
  • Hi, I have a 49xf8505 and when I stream on VLC a direct link in 4K, there is lag (not on Netflix or YouTube though). Do you know why ? Thx for you help

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