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Jul 18

How to speed up of tv?

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  • Hello friends Could you support me with the image configuration of a Sony brave KDL-32bx300? H I want to have higher image quality, I hope you can support me with the values, thanks
  • How is Android TV different from Smart TV ? Android TV is a television with smart features of a smart television with added advantage of Android Operating System provided by Google. One major difference is the wide range of apps that are supported by Google play store where thousands of television apps can readily be downloaded. These apps are either free, paid or free for certain features but also providing in app purchases for premium features. Most android TVs comes with in build Google cast which is purest form of Google chromecast allowing easy screen mirror / cast of android smart devices with Android TV. You can also sync your most used android devices with Tv for easy browsing and typing. Recommended Reading: In simple words - TVs that connect to the internet and allow streaming content and online apps are Smart TVs . ... Essentially an Android TV is a smart TV but it is running the Android platform, unlike other TVs that might be running the brands OS e.g. Samsung TV operating system. Watch this video on Youtube: This video is a MUST watch for those who are not sure which Tv should they be buying. With such wide variety of smart television in the market you need to be very careful with this 5+ year investment. This video clarifies what is the difference between Android TV and any other smart tv available for sale. My recommendation is Sony Android TV by far. Watch the video to know more. Facebook Page - Youtube Partner - Recommended for you: How to convert 4k LED TVs into Android TVs ? All you need is android tv box which can easily be purchased from Amazon or ebay. These are smart TV boxes which run on Android operating system and hence providing all functionalities of any other Android TV. You will need to connect your LED / LCD Tv with HDMI cable and the box would be connected to broadband through wifi or LAN cable. These boxes in fact provide more flexibility that a branded android tv as they allow apk downloads without any licencing issues. Also read: #tvguide #smarttvsettings #androidsmarttv #smarttv #androidtv Post in your comments in case of any questions .. our experts and vibrant community are always on toes to answer them for you !!
  • Main reason your TV could run slower than what it is meant to ? 1. TV internet / Broadband connection with low bandwidth 2. Your TV hardware outdated and does not support / best suited for software or TV apps installed. 3. Too many apps occupying almost all storage on the TV. 4. Wifi connection not stable and drops intermittently. 5. TV Settings not correct as per usage. 6. Android Operating system due for an upgrade. 7. Smart TV apps not updated to resolve known issues and improve performance with new patches. Facebook Page - Youtube Partner - Similar Youtube Video Playlist - Find details in this post: Watch this video on Youtube: Post in your comments for any questions and our team will get back ! #slowtv #smarttvslow #smarttvproblems #speeduptv #androidtvguide #tvguide

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