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Android TV vs Smart TV vs LED 4k UHD TVs | TV Comparison / Review / Best Android TV Apps & Settings

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

What is Android TV ?

Android TV is nothing but an advanced form of a Smart Television running over an Android Based operating system. Basically it is a smart device which can do anything that an Android tablet or an Android based mobile phone can do provided the functionality / Apps are supported by Android Operating System for TV. Just like any tablet / laptop or mobile there are multiple processes and updates running in background which can slow down the TV with Time as the processor gets outdated with the latest application versions. you can always kill unwanted processes or frozen apps to run or to utilise device resources like you do in laptops.

Android Tv comes with Google Play Store for Tv which provides a wide range of apps supported by Android Operating system. This will always be much more than what is provided by a standard smart television. Also, Sony Bravia Android television comes with a number of Featured Apps depending on the country / geography where Sony would have collaborations. Same holds true for any other television brand that is Android like Samsung, LG, Philips or Xiomi.

Google regularly sends Operating system updates and updating your operating system becomes mandatory after a certain date when you would forcefully be asked for updating your TV. This also holds true for any other App to run on your TV as in mobiles or tablets.


Android TV Apps:

How is Android TV different from Smart TV ?

Android TV is a television with smart features of a smart television with added advantage of Android Operating System provided by Google. One major difference is the wide range of apps that are supported by Google play store where thousands of television apps can readily be downloaded. These apps are either free, paid or free for certain features but also providing in app purchases for premium features.

Most android TVs comes with in build Google cast which is purest form of Google chromecast allowing easy screen mirror / cast of android smart devices with Android TV. You can also sync your most used android devices with Tv for easy browsing and typing.

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How to convert 4k LED TVs into Android TVs ?

All you need is android tv box which can easily be purchased from Amazon or ebay. These are smart TV boxes which run on Android operating system and hence providing all functionalities of any other Android TV. You will need to connect your LED / LCD Tv with HDMI cable and the box would be connected to broadband through wifi or LAN cable. These boxes in fact provide more flexibility that a branded android tv as they allow apk downloads without any licencing issues.

This video clarifies what is the difference between Android TV and any other smart tv available for sale. My recommendation is Sony Android TV by far. Watch the video to know more. This TV is the :

Sony KDL43W807CSU 43 Inch Smart 3D Youview Android , Sony 49X830C , Sony - 49in - KD49X8307C , Sony BRAVIA KD 43XD8077 live demo

My recommendation is Sony Android TV by far. Watch the video to know more.

Recommended Buy Sony Android TV :

43 inch:

49 inch :

55 inch :

Android Box :



Samsung Smart TV apps installation and download will require Samsung Smart Hub on Television. All these apps also work for LG Android Television.

Youtube Partner - Sony Android TV:

Facebook Page -

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Buy this Tv from here (Recommended ) :

1. Sony Bravia KDL43WF663 43-Inch :

2. Sony Bravia KD43XE8004 43 inch TV (4K HDR Ultra HD):

3. Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 49-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV : Buy this TV from:

Post in your comments in case of any questions .. our experts and vibrant community are always on toes to answer them for you !!

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