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Bravia TV Apps Download 2019 ✔️ How to Install Apps on Sony Bravia Android 4k UHD TV | Smart TV Apps

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Install Update Delete Uninstall apps on your Android TV or Smart TV. Follow the steps which are best practices to manage apps on your smart television. The Demo is on Sony Bravia android TV but is useful for any Sony Android TV or Samsung Smart tv or any other smart tv apps.

If you are looking for Smart TV apps or Smart TV box or even best smart tv deals you should watch this video. This is a live demo of top apps you must have if you have a smart TV. Demo has been performed on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV but these apps are a must have for Samsung smart 4K Ultra HD television , LG Smart TV and Panasonic 4k Smart TV as well.

Find The one Smart TV App You Need to Install . how to install apps on smart tv and how to install apps on LG smart TV

On Sony Android Smart TVs

1. Turn on your TV. Keep in mind that your television must be connected to the Internet in order to download apps.

2. Press your remote's HOME button. This will take you to your TV's home page.

3. Scroll down to the "Apps" section. Do so by swiping down on your remote's touch surface.

4. Select Store and tap the remote's touch surface. Store is the multicolored Google Play Store icon on the far-left side of the "Apps" section.

5. Browse for apps. You can swipe right to look through the "Entertainment" tab's apps, or swipe down to select a more specific category, such as TV Remote Games.

You can also swipe up to select the magnifying glass icon, then type in a search query.

6. Select an app you wish to download and tap your remote. Doing so will take you to the app's page.

7. Select INSTALL and tap the remote. This option is below the app's name.

If the app isn't free, you'll see its price here instead.

8. Select ACCEPT. It's on the right side of the screen. Selecting this will prompt the app to begin downloading to your TV; when it finishes, you can select OPEN to go straight to the app.

Can't Install or Update Apps from the Google Play Store ?

  1. Delete the registration information of your current account. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button. Select Settings. Under the Personal category, select Google. Select Remove account. ...

  2. Register a Google email. Press the HOME button. Select Settings. Under the Personal category, select Add account.

This video reviews best and latest tv apps for smart and android television. Samsung smart TV, Sony Bravia smart 4k Uhd TV, LG tv or Philipps, be it any brand these are must have apps for your tv.

Also find out the best settings for any app on your TV. How to download any app, install apps on your smart device or TV and manage apps on your television is demonstrated step by step.

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This video is one of the series of Youtube videos on Best TV Apps for Sony Bravia Android Smart 4k TVs. This demonstrates how you can download any TV app on your Sony Bravia TV if you have google play store on your Android TV. Samsung Smart TV apps installation a and download will require Samsung Smart Hub on Television. All these apps also work for LG Android Television.

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