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Google Chromecast vs Android TV Google Cast | Smart TV App to cast iPhone or Android phone

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

How is Android TV Google cast different from Google Chromecast and which is better. Chromecast setup and settings for Smart TV and how to cast mobile onto TV. Apps that enable iPhone or Android phone cast onto Smart TV

What is an Android TV

Television version of the Android based smartphone operating system is simply called an Android TV. Android TV combines the basic functions of TV, the access of an Android Smartphone, and a small gaming console. Android TV first introduced in 2014 while the Chromecast was introduced an year later. There are multiple versions of the Android TV platform available like Smartphone OS, latest being Android OS Oreo 8.0 while dozens of manufacturers have added their own customized Android TV dongles and set top boxes in the market. It’s a convenient hardware for those who want TV on the fly in just mere seconds.

Android TV also powers some smart TVs from manufacturers such as Hisense, Asus, Sharp and Sony. Google does not produce any in-house Android TV equipment, hence hardware is outsourced.

Cheaper option to convert a usual television into an Android TV is by connecting it with an Android TV smart box and powering it through WiFi connectivity Android TV boxes are cheap option to convert and TV into and Android TV and in some instances provide more flexibility than a usual Android TV.

Android TV vs Smart TV

Android TV is a television with smart features of a smart television with added advantage of Android Operating System provided by Google. One major difference is the wide range of apps that are supported by Google play store where thousands of television apps can readily be downloaded. These apps are either free, paid or free for certain features but also providing in app purchases for premium features.

Most android TVs comes with in build Google cast which is purest form of Google chromecast allowing easy screen mirror / cast of android smart devices with Android TV. You can also sync your most used android devices with TV for easy browsing and typing.

Android TV isn’t just a streaming device for your phone, it does everything a Google Chromecast does and beyond Android TV gives you full control of your TV through your phone whether you’re watching, playing, stream music or lot more.

It can even serve as a smart home assistant too through voice control, makes the lifestyle much better Android TV has all the features of Chrome cast, but also lets you run apps, use the Google Assistant, play games, etc. It’s still easier to use because it works with a TV remote

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Chromecast Vs Android TV

So when it comes to making a choice between buying an Android TV or going for a Smart TV and connecting device like Chromecast that enables throwing your mobile phone screen with audio onto the TV screen.

Chromecast vs Android TV Google Cast - Price Factor

Chrome cast dongles is easy to quantify and cheap to buy. The basic model costs £15 and the Chrome cast Ultra (which supports 4K video) will set you back £60.

When comes to Android TV, the market is considerably more complicated and wide as there’s not a single Android TV model, prices can vary wildly and TV companies.

There are a lot of cheap Android TV boxes available in the market. Some no-brand Chinese devices can be found for less than £15 and some cheap Android TV boxes are worth recommending..

Chromecast vs Android TV Google Cast - Apps

All major market players (Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc.) Apps available for the Android TV platform and also make their Smartphone apps Chromecast-enabled. With Android TV, you can equip a controller so you can play with ease. The OS has Google Play in it so you can store all the games you want in the glorious box. The notable exception is Amazon Prime Video. There’s an Android TV app available, but you cannot easily cast the video to a Chromecast.

Chromecast vs Android TV Google Cast - Outlook

For Chrome cast content should be cast through smart phone, tablet or computer via Chrome as Chrome cast do not have a user interface

For Android TV, devices have a dedicated user interface that you can control through smart app or using remote. Instead of installing apps you can install standalone apps directly on your Android TV Device.

Smart TV App to cast Android phone or iPhone

AirScreen Smart TV App

AirScreen App on Smart TVs can be downloaded free of cost but allows in App purchases to allow premium services. However for Screen Mirroring or Casting iPhone to Smart TV you don't need to subscribe to any service or pay anything. AirScreen App for Smart TV would take around 50 MB space on your TV storage when fully installed.

AirScreen Smart TV App offers FREE -

Cast iPhone to Smart TV with Google ChromeCast - Google Home Hub App

You would need to install Google Home Hub app for iOS on your iPhone to be able to cast your mobile phone onto Smart TV or any Smart device with ChromeCast.

Android Smart TVs however will not need ChromeCast as they already have in build Google Cast which is a ChromeCast in itself.

Instructions to cast iPhone to Android TV / Smart TV

  • Connect your iPhone and Smart TV to same WiFi network

  • Download Google Home Hub onto your iPhone

  • Plug ChromeCast to your Smart TV. Android Smart TV should already have in build Google Cast so ChromeCast is not required.

  • Open Google Home Hub app on your iPhone

You are now ready to broadcast your iPhone onto your Android TV / Smart TV

Chromecast setup guide

Plug Chromecast onto the Smart Device

  1. Plug Chromecast onto your TV HDMI slot

  2. Connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast

  3. Either plug the other end of the USB power cable into an open USB port on your TV OR into the included power adaptor which you will then plug into a power outlet

Note: Only use the provided AC adaptor Connect Chromecast

Check that the Chromecast and the mobile device, tablet or laptop which you are using to set up Chromecast with are both on the same Wi-Fi network

Download the Google Home app

Open App store on your mobile device, tablet or laptop

Time to set up Chromecast

You are now ready to start casting from Google Cast-enabled apps to your TV

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