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Google Photos Review - free Storage, Android Mobile / iPhone app, usage, space, image search & Album

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Google Photos review with instructions to use the Android mobile app or iPhone app best to save your photos and videos with unlimited storage space forever as memories. High definition media storage with easy image search to locate photos with dates, venues and events of your loved ones and store them creating photo albums. Google Photos app also suggests photo edits and improvements to get the best our of your photo and video memories. Download the Google photos app on mobile phones and iPad / tablets or on laptops.

So what is Google Photos ?

Google photos is a free storage service and photo sharing service developed by Google in 2015. Google photos provides facilities like free, unlimited storage for photos with facilities enable user to search for anything in photos with three major categories like: People, Places and Location. Google Photos recognizes faces, location / geographic landmarks and occasion / subject matter including b'days, animals, food and many more. Photos service allow recognition of photo contents, automatically generate albums, animate similar photos into quick videos, surface past memories at significant times, and improve the quality of photos and videos. Google photos apps for the Android) and iOS operating systems supported on mobile phones (both Android and iPhones and tablets and a website for laptops or desktops.

Images can be easily shared with social networks (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter) and other services. The application generates web links that both Google Photos users and non-users can access.

Google Photos Features - What all can you do

Google has provided a way for users to privately and securely back up and share their photos from a single destination.

The photos you click using your mobile phone’s camera are automatically backed up to Google Photos using the new app, which displays the most recent photo at the top of the stream. The app also allows you to sort your photos by day, or even scroll back through the months or years.

Users are shown potential image / video searches for groups of photos in three major categories:

  • People

  • Places

  • Things

Google photos analyze photos for similar faces and groups them together in the People category and can also track faces as they age. The Places category uses geo-tagging data but can also determine locations in older pictures by analyzing for major landmarks (e.g., photos containing the Tower Bridge).The Things category processes photos for their subject matter: birthdays, buildings, dogs, concerts, food, schools, posters, screenshots, etc.

How to sync photos and videos to Google Photos App for Android mobile phones and iPhone or Tablets / iPad

You can automatically sync photos and videos to your Google Photos library if they are in My Drive or the Computers tab in Google Drive.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app

  • At the top, tap Menu

  • Select Settings

  • Turn on Google Drive

  • Tap Sync

When you make a change in Google Photos

  • Delete a photo - the photo / video will also be deleted from Google Drive

  • Edit a photo: changes will not show in Google Drive

How to sync photos and videos to Google Photos on Laptops and Computer

You can automatically sync photos and videos to your Google Photos library if they are in My Drive or the Computers tab in Google Drive.

To see photos and videos from Google Drive in Google Photos:

What all can you do in Google Photos

In Google Photos following are the sub options available like: Photos, Albums, Assistant, Sharing and Photo Books.

Create +

Create is the feature which allows you to create, modify and delete album, shared album, film, animation, collage and photos Books.. You can create

  • Photo Albums

  • Shared Photo Albums

  • Film / Movies

  • Animation

  • Collage

  • Photo Books

Google Photos create
Google photos create option


Upload is most important feature which allows you to upload photos, videos from your computer / laptop, Android mobile phone / iPhone or iPad / android tablet onto Google Photos

Google photos upload
How to upload photos and videos


Photos is the place where you will be able to find all photos which shows you the date, year and location of the photo. Here you will be able find all sync Photos, videos and albums.

Google Photos


Album is categorised into People, Places, Things, Collages, Animations and Movies. Albums enable you to locate this entire category under one place.

Google photos album
Google Photos Album


Assistant is the category where you will be able to create Album, Photo book, Movie, Collage and Animations by selecting photos of your choice. Google photos will itself use its artificial intelligence to shortlist photos and videos for you and create album, animations or collage. You can also manually do so and share such videos / gif / photos with your loved ones.

 Google Photos Assistant
Google Photos Assistant


Sharing allows user to share albums, photos to other people. Share option allows you to share the required album by selecting or typing the email address.

You can share photos, videos, albums on:

  • WhatsApp

  • Gmail

  • YouTube

  • Dropbox

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Create Link to share

Google Photos share

Photo Book

Photo Book allows you to can create your own photo book by selecting photos. You can select multiple photos and create album as per the requirement.

Google Photos iPhone

Google Photos offers iOS App for iPhone which can be downloaded for free. Google photos on iPhone offers unlimited storage for high definition photos just like as on Android devices. You would need to sync your iPhone account to Google Photos account and photos will then be synced automatically when connected to WiFi (you can enable syc on mobile network as well).

Issues with Google Photos on iPhone

  • iOS version of Google photos app give problem casting photos onto another Android based device like Android TVs or Smart TVs with chromecast

  • Some Google Photos features don't work on iPhones like Slideshow of photos when cast on Smart TV Watch on YouTube App

How to use Google image search

You can tag your photos on Google Photos and label them with names or heading as you would like and something that will allow you to remember. This photo label can be a person's name, place, occasion, date or anything that reminds you of the photo. You can then use this label to shortlist or search the photo on your Google Photos app or website.

Google Photos free up space

One of the most beneficial and key feature of Google Photos app is that it allows media files (photos and videos) to be deleted from your smartphone once synced with Google Photos. This feature to free space on your mobile is available for both Android phones and on iPhone.

To free up space on your mobile device

  • Go to Google Photos

  • From Menu select 'Free up space'

  • Google Photos will then find photos and videos on your mobile phone which have been synced and backed up in Google photos

  • Google Photos will show up how many photos can be deleted and space freed up

  • Select 'Delete'

  • Final Step - Go to Photos folder on your Mobile and delete photos from 'Recently deleted' folder to permanently delete photos and free space on your mobile

Google Photos Storage cost

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for high definition photos and videos. However for ultra high definition photos taken from high end equipment like DSLR where you would want to retain photo quality, you would need to buy storage space.

You should first utilize 15 GB free space on Google Drive first. After you have used you free space allowance on Google drive you will then need to pay and subscribe for Google Photos payment plan which can be monthly or yearly.

Google Photos Storage cost
Google Photos Storage Cost UK

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