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Sony Android TV Slow? Speed up Bravia TV for slow response & start up! Improve Smart TV Performance

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Is your Sony Android TV slow? Do you get buffering issues with slow start up and slow / delayed response while trying to stream live online content even with high broadband internet speed ? So how can you speed up your Smart TV - Well here as some great tips that can help.

Android Smart TVs with time tend to get slower that what they used to be initially when you bought them. Though this sounds frustrating but there are reasons to it. There are always ways you can get the best TV performance and your TV can speed up massively. Below are our best picks of TV best practices that can boost your Samsung Smart TV performance.

1. Prefer Wired LAN connection over Wifi for online high quality streaming services

While we all prefer to go wireless, it can bring a massive difference in your TV performance if you are a regular user of online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YuppTV, YouTube or any other similar online TV streaming service.

This become even more important if you do no have a stable broadband connection and it keeps dropping connection. Also using a LAN wired connection from broadband router straight to your TV through a LAN cable give an extra internet bandwidth which you might miss out with wifi. Your Smart TV might end up using most of its resources in getting back the connection every time it drops searching all available devices.

Yes we all hate those cables hanging around and it beats the purpose of buying a smart TV but the upside of an extra broadband bandwidth and stable connection might win it over.

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2. Disable TV Apps location tracking

Enabling GPS / Location Tracking takes up a fair amount of TV resources keeping them busy in background TV processing. Some Samsung smart TV Apps would not work if you disable geographical location settings of your TV as they would cater their services based on your location.

Also streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC iPlayer, YuppTV etc would restrict some content based on the country where it is viewed due to media rights etc. If you use such TV streaming services then you may want to ignore this step. If you don't then you would realise a significant improvement in your app performance.

How to turn off TV location tracking ?

  • Go to TV Settings of your Sony Android Smart TV

  • Under Personal - Select 'Location'

  • Set Location Status to 'OFF'

3. Review Installed Apps on your TV

Do you have a habit to keep installing TV Apps for the sake of understanding what the app is for. If yes, then you also need to build up a habit of timely housekeeping - to delete / uninstall the unused apps. Remember the more apps you have on your TV, the more they will fight for TV resources for regular updates, location tracking etc and most importantly take up TV storage space.

It is a good practice to uninstall unused / less frequently used installed TV Apps to free up some extra storage space and also to free up TV resources occupied by these apps.

How to find and Uninstall / Delete Sony Android Smart TV Apps

  • Got to your TV Settings

  • Select Apps

  • Select the app from the list you want to Uninstall

  • On App selection it will show up storage space occupied by the app on TV

  • Select Uninstall

Another good practice is to clear cache and data occupied by the installed smart TV Apps. TV Apps do store some cache and cookies based on your usage to provide fast and customized experience based on your TV usage patterns. E.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime Video etc hold in your usage patterns to provide a customized and personalized experience.

How to clear TV Apps cache and data?

  • Got to TV Settings

  • Select Apps

  • Select the app from the list you want to Uninstall

  • On App selection it will show up storage space occupied by the app on TV

  • Select 'Clear Cache'

  • Select ' Clear Data'

4. Turn Off TV Automatic updates

Your Smart TV regularly keeps looking for latest Apps updates available, hence keeping some TV processes busy in the background. We recommend turning off TV auto updates and checking for updates manually as and when desired.

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5. Turn Off TV Usage and Diagnostics

Again switching on Usage and Diagnostics regularly send through your usage pattern, TV errors, TV abnormal behavior statistics back to Google Android / Sony Bravia TV. These statistics and information is utilised for research and development, hence is beneficial if you think in social terms. But this again slows down your TV as some TV resources are busy doing this in background. We recommend switching these off for better TV performance.

6. TV Security and Restrictions

Next on our list is the TV Apps, TV Utilities and apk that you might download. TV security and restrictions can be found under TV settings. We recommend turn off 'Unknown Sources' which will prevent any malicious software to download on your TV which cannot be trusted. These software often end up consuming maximum TV resources and hence need to be blocked.

Next, under 'TV Security and Restrictions' make sure the 'Verify Apps' is checked. This is another check to make sure only authorized android apps are downloaded on your Sony Android TVs.

7. Smart TV hardware and software compatibility with Apps

With time we keep installing new apps that are made available through features apps section on smart TV or through Google play store. We need to understand that while the TV App might be latest in the market to offer certain features, TV hardware and core software might not be fully compatible to support all features.

Hence to prevent TV getting slow or in fact prevent abnormal behavior check if your TV model and operating system version is compatible for the TV Apps.

8. Always exit / close Smart TV Apps

We all like easy traversing between different TV apps. We recommend if you are switching from one TV Apps onto another, close the first app through exit button or by pressing 'Back' button multiple times on TV remote control.

Avoid pressing the TV remote 'Home' button to come to TV home screen and then moving to the next app, as this would keep the previous TV app running in background as well. Hence all such running apps will compete for resources slowing down your TV.

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9. Force stop frozen TV Apps to release TV system resources

You might have encountered smart TV getting frozen when multiple apps are running while TV resources can't cope up with demand of instructions. To release this deadlock and release an app that you think might have caused this TV freeze is by force stop of the App and hence release occupied TV resources.

How to Force Kill TV App

  • Got to TV Settings

  • Select Apps

  • Select the app from the list you want to Uninstall

  • On App selection it will show up storage space occupied by the app on TV

  • Select 'Force Stop'

10. Update frequently used TV Apps to latest version

TV App makers constantly optimise and fine tune their apps with adding new features and functionalities. These usually improve app performance making it consume limited TV resources. Also after certain date old version of the app becomes obsolete and can not be used. Hence it is recommended to maintain latest TV App versions.

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