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Sony Bravia Android Smart 4k TV Setup (2018) | TV Installation Guide | TV Settings

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Steps to be followed while setting up your new Sony Bravia Android TV. Follow instructions for installation of your smart tv after factory rebuild. These steps are applicable for any smart Tv ( Samsung Smart Tv, LG TV, Philipps and all Sony Bravia Tvs)

In this video, I'm aiming to help you construct and setup your new Sony BRAVIA TV, and also give you a few useful "Getting Started" tips too! Those of you with new Sony TVs who are completely new to the BRAVIA world will appreciate this as much as a Sony Expert!

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Any questions, please ask them in the comments and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP!

Clarify your doubts regarding what Sony Android smart 4k uhd tv is and how is it better that any other smart television in the market. Comparison with Samsung smart tv or Lg Android Smart tv with detailed explanation on key features . Pros and cons of each television brand has been done. How Sony tv is better than Samsung smart tv or what smart features makes it different to to Lg Smart Tv have been explained.

This video is a MUST watch for those who are not sure which Tv should they be buying. With such wide variety of smart television in the market you need to be very careful with this 5+ year investment. This video clarifies what is the difference between Android TV and any other smart tv available for sale. My recommendation is Sony Android TV by far. Watch the video to know more.

What you'll need

  1. A Sony Bravia Internet TV

  2. A network router with internet connection

  3. A computer with internet access

Product Settings

You can choose to connect your router with or without a cable.

Wired Connection (connecting your BRAVIA to a router using a network cable)

1. Connect a network cable (not supplied) from the router to the LAN port on back of the BRAVIA 2. Turn on the BRAVIA 3. Using the remote, press HOME, then select > Settings > Network Setup 4. Select “Wired Set-up” 5. Select “Auto” in IP Proxy Server screen 6. Confirm settings by press the right arrow key, and then select “Save & Connect” 7. Once connection is successful, press “OK”

Wireless Connection(connecting your BRAVIA to a Wi-Fi enabled home network)

1. Turn on the BRAVIA 2. Using the remote, press HOME, then select > Settings > Network Setup 3. Select “Wireless Set-up” 4. Select “Scan” in the “Wireless Network” screen 5. After a few moments, you will see a list of wireless networks 6. Navigate to, and select, your home network. Refer to your wireless router manual if you do not know the name of your network. 7. Enter your security key when prompted, using the remote and onscreen keyboard. If you do not know your security key, refer to your wireless router manual. 8. Select “Auto” in the “IP Address Proxy Server” screen. 9. Confirm settings by pressing the right arrow key, and then select “Save & Connect.” 10. After connection is successful, press “OK”

To use Quick�ix, your BRAVIA needs to be linked to an account 1. Using your remote control, press the HOME button and go to “Internet Content” and then scroll and select the “Quickflix” channel. 2. Take note of the registration code that is displayed on the screen 3. On your computer, go to 4. If this is the first time you’ve registered a Sony Internet capable device you will need to create an account by clicking on ‘Create a New Account’ 5. Register your BRAVIA and enter the registration code from step 2 6. Once you have registered your device go to ‘Devices’ and click on ‘HDTVs’ 7. Click on ‘Manage Premium Services’ 8. Select Quickflix and it will redirect you to their website. 9. Create your Quickflix account or if you’re already a Quickflix subscriber sign up for Sony BRAVIA

How do I check all the installed apps on Sony's Android TV?

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Apps in the TV category.

  4. Check Downloaded apps or System apps.

Sony Android TV reviewed. This one is a 43" W800 series. For the same price I recommend going for and Android TV rather than just for a normal smart TV as it gives you more options and flexibility with downloading apps. Also it does what an Android mobile phone can do. Really happy with this. Different types of HDTV's explained for example 1080p TV, 4K Televisions, Smart TV's, Ultra HD, 4K HDR TV's and Dolby Vision so that you can have a better understanding when you want to purchase a new Television and the main differences between them. sony nsz gs8 The best Android TV 2016 - Sony Bravia XD93 (X93D) Review ! Different TV's Explained 1080p, 4K, 4K HDR, ULTRA HD, Smart TV TV Comparison: Sony Z9D Series, Samsung KS9000, and the LG OLED G6P

How you can download any TV app on your Sony Bravia Tv if you have google play store on your Android TV. Samsung Smart TV apps installation and download will require Samsung Smart Hub on Television. All these apps also work for LG Android Television.

TV Apps guide is provided for -

KODI TV App for Live TV channels streaming, Free online movies (Hollywood, Bollywood movies, Tollywoood movies) of any genre and language, watch popular and latest TV series programmes all recorded and uploaded on the web, Live sports including Cricket Live streaming, Football live matches and highlights or any sports being telecast live on any TV Channels across the world.

-- BBC iPlayer TV app allows watching BBC programmes including live BBC News, BBC one channel and other BBC channels live or recorded at your convenience through the BBC iplayer app. You still need a TV license to watch live Tv on this app.

-- YuppTV for Sony Android TV or Samsung Smart TV or any other Smart TV allows watching live Asian, Indian, SriLankan, Pakistani and Bangladesh TV channels throughout the world - ofcourse with a subscription. It allows 1 week free trial of the YuppTV app. Also includes Yupplix to with a great collection of Bollywood popular and latest movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Punjabi movies, Urdu, Malayalam, Sinhalese and many more languages. Wow kids is a new feature for kids on Yupptv. Also catchup TV allows any recorded TV channel to be viewed in next 10 days.

-- Youview TV App allows organising and navigating TV channels on your smart tv. Works also for freeview channels. Provide TV channel description, program schedule, next and previous channel programs with timings. You need to agree Youview terms and conditions and optionally provide your postcode. Youview come preinstalled on Sony Bravia Android TVs.

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Post in your comments in case of any questions .. our experts and vibrant community are always on toes to answer them for you !!

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