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Sony Android TV apps list | Android TV Google Play Store apps | Bravia Smart TV featured Apps Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Android TVs from brands like Sony Bravia offer great benefits over a conventional Smart TV which includes wide range of Google Android based TV apps downloaded from Play Store and featured apps along with some in build TV apps on Sony Bravia Smart TVs running on Android based operating system.

TV Apps on a typical Bravia TV can be categorized under following groups:

  • Featured Apps

  • Google Play Store Apps for TV

  • Apps downloaded on TV through side-load (no regular TV app download)

Featured Apps on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV

Android TVs from Sony Bravia showcase certain featured apps on top of the TV home screen (just after recommended for you section). These apps are in build into the Android TV and need not be downloaded separately. Apps however may required subscriptions where they are not free to use.

These featured TV apps will vary across TV brands and also will depend on your geographical location. Certain apps may be banned in a country or Sony Bravia may not have a collaboration for that app for that country.

We have however listed down featured apps on Sony Bravia Android TVs in United Kingdom and Europe.

  • BBC iPlayer - You need TV license to be able to watch BBC shows and news legally. May ask for registration and need access to location services.

  • ITV HUB - UK only

  • All 4 - UK only

  • My5 - UK only

  • BBC News - Needs TV license in UK

  • DW

  • BBC Sports - Needs TV license in UK

  • MUBI

  • Disney Life

  • VLC Media Player - Best media player for Android TVs

  • YuppTV - Great for live Asian TV channels and TV programs. Needs subscription.

  • Spotify

  • Toon Goggles (TG)


  • Youview - Option to configure YouView while initial / first TV setup

  • Rakuten TV

  • Google Play Movies and TV

  • Netflix - Sony Bravia Android TV remote control has an exclusive button for Netflix

Also read - Full list of Apps on Sony Bravia TVs

Watch on YouTube

Watch this video for a demo of full list of featured apps on Sony Bravia Android TV in the United Kingdom. Some apps may vary if you are in a different country. Post in your comments if you have specific questions and we will get back with and answer.

How to download TV Apps on Android TV from Google Play Store in Sony Bravia TV

Not every Android app will be available to download from Google play store. Only those Android apps that are compatible for Smart TV and are available in the country / region will show up under play store. This however is still a very long list of TV apps available to be downloaded and included almost every popular media streaming and utilities app.

Watch on YouTube

This video demonstrates range of apps available to be downloaded from Google play store on Android TV from Sony Bravia. For questions on any specific TV app, please drop a comment and we will provide a response.

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Google Play Store apps available to be downloaded on Android TV from Sony Bravia in UK

Android TVs through Google play store offer best range of TV apps compared to any other Smart TVs or streaming devices like Amazon Fir or Roku. Here is a collection of best Apps that are must have on your Android TV which can easily be downloaded.

Web Browsers for Android Smart TV

There is a good list of web browsers but we have chosen these 3 for you.

  • Puffin TV Web browser for Android TV

  • Google Chrome for Android TV

  • Opera web browser (default on Sony Bravia TV)

Puffin TV Web Browser for Smart TV / Android TV

PuffinTV web browser can easily be downloaded from Play Store on Android TV. This is not the default web browser for Sony Bravia Smart TV (default browser is Opera on Sony Bravia).

PuffinTV offer easy navigation for better browsing experience and is really fast. Watch this video that justifies why we prefer Puffin TV browser for Smart TVs.

Sync your Puffin Browser on TV with mobile so you may type easily on mobile while using it on Smart TV. Both mobile and Smart TV should be connected to same WiFi network to facilitate this.

Make sure you download the latest version of Puffin browser for TV from Google play store for free.

As on any other web browser you can delete browsing history whenever you like.

Puffin TV App on YouTube

Google Chrome browser for Android TV / Smart TV

Google Chrome Web browser will not be available to download on Android TVs which is a big disappointment. You can neither find Chrome under Google play store to download.

However there are ways you can still download the Google Chrome browser for free onto your Smart TV. The video below demonstrates how you can get the Chrome app on your Bravia TV. This method will also work other brand Smart TVs and Android TVs. You should be able to download ES File Explorer from Play Store on your Android TV which is one way to get Chrome on your TV.

Once Chrome browser is downloaded on your Smart TV, you can loin into your Google account and sync your preferences and browsing history on your TV browser.

Watch Chrome on YouTube

Opera Web Browser for Android TV / Smart TVs

Opera is another web browser free to download on your Android TV from Sony Bravia. Opera is the default Web browser and come pre-installed on your Sony Bravia Android Smart TV in United Kingdom.

Watch Opera on YouTube

This video demonstrates how you may download Opera Web browser on your Android Smart TV and configuration that you should do to customize Opera as per your needs.

Music Apps on Android TV Play Store

Download popular Android TV Apps from Google play store on your Sony Bravia Android TV. Most music apps however will require subscription to be obtained and are not free. If you have subscription already, then you can use same on Android TV app as well.

  • Spotify - Most popular on Android play store for TVs

  • Google Play Services

  • Google Play Music - Default music app on Android TVs

  • Deezer

  • TuneIn - Popular for Radio channels

  • Tidal

  • My Tuner

  • Equalizer

Streaming Apps on Android TV Play Store

There is a long list of streaming apps that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store on Android TV from Sony Bravia. However most of these streaming apps require regular subscription fee to be paid to avail services and watch videos.

  • CineTrailer - Latest movies trailer app

  • Netflix

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Sky News - Needs TV License to watch free in UK

  • Daily Motion

  • TED TV

  • Haystack TV

  • MUBI

  • VLC Media Player

  • Google play console

Best Smart TV Apps on YouTube

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Airscreen App to Screen Mirror / Cast Android or iPhone onto Android TV / Smart TV

AirScreen is one of the best utility app available for free on Android TV and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Airscreen App offers following functionality -

Screen Mirror from iPhone / iPAD onto Android TV

Screen Mirror from Android mobile or tablet to Android TV

Miracast from iPhone or Android phone to Android TV

Cast from streaming app on iPhone / Android mobile on Android TV

Read more:

Watch Demo on YouTube

KODI App for Android Smart TVs

KODI is one of the most popular media hosting and streaming apps available to be downloaded for free from Google play store on Android TV.

Watch KODI on YouTube

VLC Player - Best Media player for Android Smart TV

VLC Player is the best media player by far for any Smart TV or Android TV. VLC player for Android TV can be downloaded for free from Google play store on your Android TV from Sony Bravia.

VLC Player is by far the most popular and reliable offering options of playing media through USB stick, shared folder on laptop or through cloud is VLC media player. VLC Media player on Android TVs supports wide range of media file formats like .mp4, and .dat

VLC Player for Android Smart TV on YouTube

YouTube Kids app for Android TV

YouTube Kids app is one of the best and most popular streaming app for kids content. You would need a premium membership to be able to view content though. The app is exclusive for kids from age group 0+ to 16 years.

YouTube kids app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store on your Android Smart TV.

Watch YouTube Kids demo on YouTube

Read more on YouTube Kids:

BBC iPlayer app for Android TV on Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia Android Smart TVs would show up BBC iPlayer as featured app if you are in United Kingdom. Outside UK, BBC iPlayer app can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store on the Android TV for free. The app content and streaming service is free however you legally need a TV license to be able to watch content.

BBC iPlayer app allows live streaming of BBC channels including BBC News and BBC One along with recorded programs of popular BBC group channels.

Watch on YouTube

BBC also offers exclusive BBC News channel which can also be downloaded and installed for free from Play Store on Android TVs.

Read more on BBC iPlayer:

Watch BBC News on YouTube

Accuweather Weather forecast App for Android TV

Accuweather App is the best Weather app that must take place on your Smart TV. Accuweather now has an Android TV App that is free and easy to download. Once Accuweather App is installed on Android TV you can customize to add specific locations and metrics as per your needs.

Watch Weather readings in Celcius or in fahrenheit, Wind speed in KM/hr or Miles/hr etc.

Accuweather on YouTube

YuppTV Asian TV App for Android TV on Sony Bravia

This is a MUST watch if you are looking to subscribe to YuppTV to watch asian hindi tamil Telugu live TV channels in India or in Abroad. This Yupptv review video with impartial view on Sony Android TV and Yuppflix for watching movies. There are other videos on my channel which also describe issues related to Yupp tv like buffering problem and yupptv slow.

Learn how to watch Hindi Tamil Telegu Kannada Punjabi Indian TV Channels Live on Smart Television YuppTV recently launched its services in India and as it claims, the company is currently world's largest over-the-top content provider for Indian contents. We thought to review YuppTV and here is what we think.

Watch YuppTV Review on YouTube

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Know more on YuppTV:

Other popular Android TV Apps... Full list of Apps on Sony Bravia TVs

Now TV Android TV App (United Kingdom)

Now TV video streaming app offers on demand streaming services out in the UK market through Now TV Smart TV App, Now TV streaming Smart Stick or Now TV Smart Box. Competing really well with well established competitors like Amazon Firestick, Roku and to some extent Google Chromecast. Like its competitors it offers HD and 4k content to its viewers.

Read more on Now TV:

Peel Sony Bravia TV remote App for Android TV / Smart TV

Peel Smart Remote app allows you to use your Android mobile or tablet as a regular Smart TV remote control. Change through TV channels and access cable & local television programming with cover art thumbnails, look ahead to upcoming programming, set reminders to watch and save favorites, plus extend the conversation on social media.

Watch this video review to see why you'll enjoy using this app!

Watch Peel App demo on YouTube

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming App for Android TV from Sony Bravia

Netflix has a dedicated button on Sony Bravia Android TV remote control. By the the most ppular streaming service in the world, Netflix has always more to offer and the Netflix app experience on Android TV with its seemless transition between between videos, traversing across the Android TV Nextflix app and navigation based on AI recommended videos, movies and TV Shows.

Read more on Netflix on Android TV:

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