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Yupptv - Best Option to watch Indian / Asian TV Channels, Movies | UK Review and Packages | 2020

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

YuppTV for some time now has been the leading online Indian / South Asian TV streaming service. YuppTV App can easily be installed on any smart device (Mobiles, tablets or Smart/Android TVs) and works for both Android OS and iOS. Stream your favorite TV serials Or movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urgu, Sinhalese and many more South Asian languages.

Watch this video for unbiased Review of YuppTV in United Kingdom. This covers cool features, package details, selections of movies available, settings and any technical issues you may expect.

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YuppTV Packages in UK

YuppTV packages differ in terms of if your Smart Device or TV has the ability to install the YuppTV app. If you can't get the App installed, you need to order YuppTV Box which obviously will cost a little more to include one time cost of the Box and delivery.

Most Popular YuppTV Package in UK is the 'Yupp Hindi Punjabi Urdu Combo_GBP' which will include 114 Hundi, Punjabi and Urdu channels costing £99 per year excluding VAT (20%). However you should be negotiate on the prices on phone ( 0800-086-8286 ) or through live chatting on website. They usually include 2 additional months of YuppTV subscription for the same cost or/and include YuppFlix (for movies) and Alt Balaji subscription to your package. You can also opt for monthly or Half Yearly subscription which obviously will cost more.

YuppTV Free Trial and Promo Codes

Make sure you make good use of a 1 week free trial period to test the YuppTV App interface on your television. App will have a different interface based on your TV like Sony Bravia Android TVs will have a better user friendly interface than a usual Samsung Smart TV. I personally felt that Android TV interfaces are really good and better than any Smart TV Apps.

Also from time to time you make expect YuppTV promotional codes which you can quote while placing the order to save costs. Current active YuppTV promo code 'UKDEC10' will save £10 on your annual subscription. Try finding out any other local deals or ask the YuppTV customer care for any deals available.

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YuppTV Features

Live TV - Live TV channels in 14 South Asian languages. YuppTV probably have the best selection of TV channels in terms of number as compared of any of its competitors like Sky Asia package or Lebara TV. TV Serials are telecast on similar times as in their original countries but News channel are Live. YuppTV App categorizes channels as 'Recently Watched', 'Trending Live', 'Entertainment', 'News' , 'Movies', 'Music', 'Spiritual' and 'Business'.

  • Catch-up TV - All Live TV channels content will be available to be watched for next 10 days. You don't need to record your favourite shows or movies anymore. Just watch at your convenience in next 10 days. You can forward TV advertisements through the app.

  • YuppFlix Movies - YuppTV have a great selection of Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood movies to be watched at your convenience. You might need a subscription of YuppFlix extra to your main YuppTV package if this was not originally included. In our view you shoul go for YuppFlix subscription as the quality of movies is really good and this would normally be at a marginal extra cost if negotiated well.

  • Wow KidsYuppTV have recently included some Kids animated shows under the banner WOW KIDS. The shows are currently only in Hindi language but they will soon be adding more shows in different south Asian languages. So if you have kids this is a good option. Again you should be able to negotiate WOW KIDS in your main YuppTV subscription package, otherwise you will have to pay extra.

  • AltBalaji YuppTV have collaborated with Alt Balaji telefilms to include variety of TV Shows owned by Balaji Telefilms. You need to pay extra over your regular subscription. The content under Alt Balaji can be more suited for Adults.

  • Settings Your YuppTV Apps settings should tell you what package you are on and the subscriptions start and end dates. You would also be able to select languages you prefer to watch, so you don't have to find your favourite shows and movies between hundreds of them. Also you would be able to select App view based on your preferences.

Technical Issues with YuppTV
With all the nice features and usage, YuppTV App does have downsides. Commonly encountered issues include
  • Picture quality not good or going down with time - You can easily get this resolved by speaking with YuppTV customer care and they would clearly know what is going wrong. They can see which server your device is on and the bandwidth load on that particular server. In most cases they would move your device to a less loaded server and this would work. You will be asked to restart you App to test and confirm while you are on phone.

  • Video Buffering issue - While a broadband speed of 2 Mbps or more is recommended for streaming high quality videos online, you might still face buffering issues. Calling the customer care would help them troubleshooting and finding the root cause.

  • App upgrades and downtime - From time to time you will be prompted to upgrade your YuppTV App and there might be a period running from few minutes to upto a few hours when the App would be down.

  • Storage Space for App install and cookies on your Device - like any other App, there will be some space taken from your device to install and customise your preferences. So make sure you have enough space on your device. Running out of storage device might cause your app to crash or your device to run slow.

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