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Jul 05, 2021
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Gold is one of the rarest items that can be considered a luxury as well as a necessity. From ancient literature to history books to daily newspapers, gold. has its presence marked in all of it. Especially in an Indian household, it is revered so much that some people buy gold only during the auspicious time of the day. During festivals it is considered to be sacred to worship the gold in the house, as it is the symbol of prosperity. What makes the glamor for gold last over centuries with its glory not diminishing, much like its lustrous appearance? Gold, in the form of jewelery has not only brought immense pleasure for so many people around the globe, but also has been a main investment option. Now of us carry on with life staying afloat with the consolation that the gold we own would be the silver lining on a rainy day. This has created a definite space for gold jewels, coins. and bars in our Indian households. Be it paying for college or starting a dream business venture or keeping the family running during the threat of unemployment and especially during a crisis like a pandemic, the cash flow created by gold comes in handy to save us from any catastrophe. Read More


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