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Android TV Guide - TV Comparison with unbiased TV reviews to chose best Android Smart TV with latest Sony Android TV Updates

Buying a new television is an investment for next 4-6 years .. so better be wise in your decision which can only be achieved by informed knowledge about latest TV technologies, which TV suits your requirements, would you need an Android Smart Tv or just a usual smart tv with 4k Ultra HD display. Of-course cost plays a major role so may be buying a regular LED TV with large display screen and then buying a smart device like Roku, Amazon fire stick, chromecast or a Android TV box and hence converting your normal TV into a smart TV with high resolution 4k display. You always want your best Sony TV Apps to perform better but you can only speed up Android smart tv by optimising settings and installing the latest Sony Android TV Updates.

With so many brands in the market offering numerous TV features, most of which you will hardly ever use, it might be wise to go for a premium TV brand like Sony Bravia, Samsung Smart TV or and LG Android TV. Basically it all comes down to picture quality being 4K or not, cost that the Android Tv or Smart Tv is on offer, your budget and needs and also the purpose of buying the TV.

7 reasons your Android Smart TV could run slower than what it is meant to ?

TV internet / Broadband connection with low bandwidth

  • Your TV hardware outdated and does not support / best suited for software or TV apps installed.

  • Too many apps occupying almost all storage on the TV.

  • Wifi connection not stable and drops intermittently.

  • TV Settings not correct as per usage.

  • Android Operating system due for an upgrade.

  • Smart TV apps not updated to resolve known issues and improve performance with new patches.

    Don't worry. We have put together a series of Youtube videos which should help you out with best practices that should be followed with your Sony Bravia Android Smart 4K TVs. TV performance can go down with time with Apps getting updated from time time, memory / space reaching its limit and Android TV operating system updates making your TV hardware and software not supporting it in terms of performance - hence TV goes slow, buffering issues while live tv streaming on internet, tv gets frozen and hangs quite often.

    TV guide helps you to keep your Android / Smart TV set on optimum settings - Picture settings, best sound settings, how to connect soundbar with your Sony Bravia TV etc.

With technology changing every other day, it is realistically impossible to be on toes everytime knowing the latest changes and most importantly what is best for us.

Sony Android TV on Youtube 

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